Since April 1, 1986 I have been listening to clients perspectives.  Over 33 years of conversations related to Real Estate have provided me with insight that you might find valuable.

Call, take the time to explain your need, I might be in a unique position to assist you.

Scratching The Surface of Consulting Services.

On a daily basis I focus on Real Estate, and Real Estate related matters.  Everyone has some experience, however, my profession keeps me immersed in the process of reviewing and making sense of Real Estate information.

A few topics where consulting services may be relevant;

  • Should I sell my property or construct an addition to my building?
  • Our property needs significant repairs, should we spend the money or sell as is?
  • What should I know when I decide to sell my Real Estate?
  • I have an opportunity to purchase a property, now.  Should I wait?
  • I am separated, there is litigation and the lawyers says get an appraisal.  Is this what I need?
  • My siblings are arguing about my deceased parents Real Estate.  Help?
  • I have a large lot at my property, should I severe it or sell it with the improved section?
  • Is the MLS system the best way to sell my property?
  • How long is long enough before I reduce my asking price?
  • Is now a good time to purchase rather than continue to rent at my office location?
  • The lease is up for renewal should I charge my tenant more rent?
  • Why does the zoning affect my property value?
  • My taxes seem very high, is there a way to reduce them?

Be Prepared for Change

Not every person making an inquiry of appraisal services, needs to have an appraisal completed. Information you provide about the type of appraisal you require, may allow an opportunity to share information about “choices” made by other people in similar circumstances.

I do try to be respectful and careful to ask permission to change a conversation away from the request for an appraisal.