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Ask yourself these questions; When you were conceived at what moment did the spirit of life arrive within you? Where did it come from?

Most people focus on the question; What happens when I die?

I wrote this book to prove, there is an answer to all questions. I wrote this book to prove that every person will be saved and spend eternity with God. The book reveals the truth written in the bible, that every person will make a love inspired choice to accept Jesus as their saviour, bow their knee and profess he is lord.

This book explains a simple truth that has never been a secret.

I want you to know who you are. There are only two types of people, those who do not know God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and those who are learning more about the Trinity every day.

If you do not know them, this book will surprise you and reveal a truth that has been shrouded from everyone alive, even believers. The Bible is not the cause—rather humans’ interpretation of it results in your rejection of God. The Trinity has a plan for you to enter into heaven, regardless of your defiance. It is God’s truth that you will choose to bow your knee and lovingly profess that Jesus is lord. Again, you can reject God and his truth. That is okay. God is patient.

If you have a personal relationship with God through Jesus, this book is also for you. You will require strength to expose your conclusions to the wisdom written in the Bible. You can disagree, but you cannot meet God without learning this truth.

I propose God has created 40 Trillion Souls—40 plus 12 zeros. All people alive today, approximately 8 billion of us, are 0.02 percent of 40 trillion. The other 99.98 percent of the souls God created have already accepted Jesus as their personal saviour. They all bowed their knee and professed he is lord. God knows that all 40 trillion souls will spend eternity in heaven. According to time measured in heavens’ terms, it has already happened.

There is no hell. There is the place we call Earth and there is heaven. It is easy to conclude that this place, our current home, is hell. Adam, and then Eve, enjoyed time in a place like heaven, walking and talking with God. They were punished for sin. They were sent here.

You will learn that you previously had several lives and each time rejected God’s invitation. You did not go to heaven but were reborn to this life. We all chose to reject God, and we were all given this life, being another chance. We are here because of his endless grace, extended time and time again.

If you reject God, it is okay. Many of us will reject him during this life time and during several more lives. He understands your reasons and loves you unconditionally. You can choose to discover who God is and then enjoy life while he reveals himself to you. This book will help you begin that journey.

I know you are ready to learn his truth. God created 40 trillion of us. Who are you?

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