Do I need to spend money?

By January 16, 2018Appraisal Advice

Don’t spend money when you do not need too!

For many transactions, the appraiser provides services after all other conditions of a purchase and sale agreement are verified. Equally frequent, is the appraisal request prior to a property being listed for sale. The Real Estate market is rich with experts. Expert sales people, mortgage specialist, building inspectors, insurance inspectors, and appraisers.

The internet includes many sites with access to properties listed for sale. A review of these sites will show you pictures and prices of properties that might be similar to yours. A search of the internet might answer your questions or satisfy your curiosity.

Before you decide to pay for an appraisal report, you can contact Real Estate Sales Representatives. The licensed members of local real estate boards rely on personal contact to promote their services. In most cases, all you need to provide is your time to meet at your property and let them showcase their skills. Eventually you or someone you know will need the services of a sales representative. The person you meet for an opinion of value knowns a good memory from a pleasant visit with respected results will provide the sales representative a future opportunity. However, there are limits on the use of letters of opinion, and some laws that require independent appraisers to prepare reports.

When you determine it is correct to spend money on appraisal services, the appraiser provides a confidential service. No one other than your intended recipients receive the report.